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Who We Are

Scott and Heather Koehler

A Family Business

We Buy Houses Richmond is a local, family owned house buying business with a reputation for helping homeowners get rid of their properties quickly and easily. If you are looking to sell your house fast and want to avoid the hassles of working with a real estate agent, we are the perfect solution for you! We're easy to work with and do fair, win-win deals. We'll do our very best to help you in any way we can. Reach out to us today!

Locally Focused

We focus on our community. Our heart on central Virginia allows us to have a more personal connection with our clients. Every opportunity to help someone quickly get rid of a property, we chase with immediacy and personal consideration.

Our Commitment to You

In Any Circumstance

Delayed Mortage Payments
Ugly or Pretty
Short Sale
Did you have to move
Divorce or Seperation
Did you buy another property
Did you inherit a property
Double Mortgage Payment
Need a lot of Repairs


"I called Scott asking for a solution to sell my property, which was very close to going into foreclosure. Even though Scott did not purchase my home, he gave me expert advice on how to resolve the situation I’m in. Being in the middle of a divorce and not having many people to trust, it was a breath of fresh air to have someone as honest and helpful as Scott to help me navigate this process. Thank you for caring and taking the time to help me!" S Bryan, Richmond
"I was in a tough spot - I was behind on my mortgage and I needed to stay in my house, so I could continue to raise my boys here and take care of my mother who lives next door. Heather and Scott offered to purchase my house and rent it back to me with an offer that made sense for my situation. However, after they did some research on my mortgage, they discovered that the lender would be willing to restructure my loan and I would not need to sell after all. Scott and Heather helped me navigate the process to let me keep my house and stay here. I'm grateful for their help."M Henry, Ashland
"I needed to sell my house, but I was going through a tough time physically and needed a process that was simple with someone who I could trust. Scott listened to my situation, and we agreed that him buying my house was the best option for my situation. As promised, the process was very easy and Scott made all the accommodations that made this easy on me whie giving me a fair price. I would recommend him to others looking to sell their house. Thank you!"J Mundie, Richmond
“Scott helped guide me through their process and made it easy for me to sell my property as-is."J Carroll
“We needed to sell our house with someone who would have patience with our situation, knowing we needed to find a place to live out of state before we could sell our property. Scott put together a solution that met our needs and allowed our transition to be as seamless as possible. He and his wife Heather were a pleasure to work with and honest with us every step of the way. I would highly recommend them and would be available to speak with you about our experience with Scott and Heather.”Patricia Linas

Best Offer Guaranteed

If you have received an offer from another bona fide buyer, we'll beat their offer, guaranteed!